Gamebuddies 16: Going Mobile

April 1, 2015

The Gamebuddies crew is back. This episode we talk about what we've been playing, news and we wrap it up with a discussion about mobile gaming and the free to play market. Enjoy! 


Episode 15: Heroes

March 16, 2015

Hey Buddies!

We are back with the full cast Austin, Matt, Ali, and Mike. On this episode we talk about what we've been playin' (Ori and the Blind Forest, Animal Crossing, Panzer Dragoon, Far Cry 4, and Broken Age) and for news we talk about VR and Bioware shedding more talent. Then for the main course we talk about video game heroes. Enjoy nerds.

Gamebuddies Episode 14: Villains

March 3, 2015

Hey buddies! Welcome back to another episode. It's the same rigmarole in the beginning where we talk about what we've been playing(Life is Strange, Broken Age, and The Order: 1886.). As for news we talk about Net Neutrality and we discuss Anita Sarkeesian's list of things video games should and shouldn't be doing with their portrayals of female video characters. That leave us wrapping up the podcast with the main discussion on villains and final bosses. Enjoy!


Gamebuddies: Episode Unlucky 13

February 14, 2015

Short and sweet this episode is. Ali, Matt, and Austin talk about, Dying Light, Life is Strange, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Then news and that's pretty much it, so HAPPPPPPY VALENTINES DAY we got you a short podcast! 


Episode 12: Predictions for the Gaming Industry in 2015

January 25, 2015

We're channeling our best Michael Pachter and giving you a glimpse into the gaming future in 2015. Will Microsoft put the smack down on Sony? Will Nintendo release Zelda Wii U? Will indie developers run out of ideas? Will the Gamebuddies podcast continue? Tune in to hear us make a bunch of wild speculations we can't possibly back up. 


Episode 11: Gamebuddies Games of the Year: 2014

January 7, 2015

You've probably heard other video game podcasts already give their "Games of the Year" for 2014, but we've been putting this off until 2015 because we needed the new year to refresh our energy so we could hash it out in the studio. What does that mean? Well, it means this episode starts off like a typical podcast and quickly devolves into Mike trolling everyone in the room. It's PANDEMONIUM. It's CHAOS. It's the Gamebuddies 2014 GAMES OF THE YEAR.



Episode 10: 20th Anniversary of the Playstation

December 23, 2014

JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Enjoy our free-form discussion about our favorite Playstation games and the console's legacy. Spoilers: there are a lot of JRPGs on our list. We also talk about what we're playing, the inaugural Playstation Now, the Game Awards, the new Zelda Wii U footage, and why the Cardigans named their second (first?) album after a pretty good racing game. Happy holidays!


Episode 9: Night Trap and the Formation of the ESRB

December 1, 2014

It seems so innocuous now, but a game featuring all the hallmarks of a cheesy, low-budget B-movie became part of video game history by helping spur the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.



Episode 8: Hidden Gems

November 10, 2014

For every console exclusive blockbuster, there are a handful of titles that get overlooked. We discuss a few hidden gems that we think you might have missed that are totally worth your time. We also talk about what we've been playing, whether or not DLC is a rip-off and Call of Spacey, bro. You know. The usual stuff.  


Episode 7: The Evolution of Games and Gamers

October 9, 2014

Hey there buddies, It's that time again to listen to: Ali, Mike, Austin and Matt talk about VIDEOGAMES! Specifically, we talk about Destiny, Shadow of Mordor and Borderlands 2, and for the main course, we talk about how we have changed as people who play games and how games have changed –– at least, we try to do that.